IELTS Training in Chennai

IELTS expands to  International English Language Testing System. This Test or Testing System is conducted to test your proficiency and knowledge in English. You would consider preparing for this exam if you want to pursue a degree in countries that accept this score or even pursue work or training. Good news is that this exam is one of the easiest among the competitive exams of the same level and so, it is fairly easy to prepare for this exam. Most students have the ability to prepare for this exam by themselves, but if you want to score a shining grade that can get you any university, you might want to consider professional help.

IELTS Versions

The IELTS exam is mainly designed to test a candidate’s ability in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The IELTS test comes in two versions – IELTS Academic and IELTS General training which differs in terms of Reading and Writing whereas Speaking and Listening are common across both the versions.

The IELTS Academic test is taken by students who want to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in reputed institutes across the globe. It can also be used for professional registration purposes. The test level is set so it can assess your ability to study or train in an English-predominant country. This IELTS General Training test is suitable for students who are applying to train or study at without involving a degree. It can also be taken by those who want to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. This test is less difficult than the former as this test assesses the basic ability to understand and speak the language in a social and professional setting. Take IELTS Coaching in Chennai to prepare for the global language testing system.

IELTS Format

IELTS is a 3-hour exam comprising of these four components. The first component is a listening section which includes a few pieces of recordings such as conversations and monologues. This section requires you to understand the main idea and theme of conversation, the attitude, intention, and ideas conveyed. You will be required to form your opinions based on the same. The second component is of reading. There are many passages and extracts from magazines, books, papers, notices, handbooks, etc. which you will have to read and comprehend. The main idea here is to test your ability to skim and grasp in a short duration and understand the logical flow and argument. There would be about 40 questions in this section to test your reading skill. The next component is writing. This is a one hour section where you will be given arguments and situations and you are expected to elaborate on it in favor or against with supporting points. You may be asked to write letters requesting information or explaining a situation. The writing should be eloquent and formal and at the same time crisp and clear in conveying your stand. The final component is speaking. Your spoken English skills play a crucial role in this section. The examiner will ask your general questions and your answers will be evaluated for their clarity and fluency. You will be given topics for which you can prepare an extempore and speak for a minute after which you will have to discuss the extempore to justify your arguments. IELTS Classes in Chennai will help you to know more about this test.

IELTS Preparation

IELTS coaching generally has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced difficulty levels which can be chosen by the student based on the current skill and preparation. A preliminary test can also be taken to assess your level and be trained based on that. Most training institutes provide both classroom and online training. Once you learn the concepts, it is very important to repeatedly take mock tests. This will ensure that you understand the concepts thoroughly and you are constantly exposed to a variety of questions. A structured learning syllabus will be great to cover all concepts needed. When the student’s mother tongue is not English, it is natural to not follow certain complex concepts and language usage. In such cases, it would be best to have personalized help with individual attention given to doubt solving and clarification. Typically it would take a student anywhere between a week to eight weeks to prepare for this exam based on the score expected and the existing caliber of the student. Join IELTS Training in Chennai to develop your language skills and clear the test successfully.

IELTS Opportunities

Preparation for this exam also improves the student’s general language skills and builds the vocabulary, hence producing confident and fluent English speakers. The communication and language skills the students will develop will not just be used for acquiring a job or position in a university but also to excel in any career options due to the language skills.