Spoken English Classes in Chennai

There are roughly over 6500 spoken languages in the world today. Yet, with the current globalization trend, English seems to be the most common tool in conducting global communication. Be it professional affairs, common networking or entertainment, more often than not, the world may refer to English as a medium of communication. English is the universal language of the world. The first step in anticipating globalization is to acknowledge the role of technology that is significant of this age. Technology eases the transfer of information across the globe, which is evident in social media, enabling people to connect despite their distances. This global interaction trend demands every world citizen who intends to take part in the globalization to communicate in English.

As the fastest spreading language in human history, English is spoken by more than 1.7 billion speakers worldwide. That’s 1 in every 4 speakers. There are close to 385 million native speakers in countries like USA, Australia, and Canada. Millions of people around the world also study it as a second language. The ease of global communication also comes with the ease of information flow.

When it comes to English, we assume that it’s a single language. As with most of the languages, English has undergone an evolution of sorts, undergoing major changes over time. We can trace the language back to its ancient roots. Modern English shares a lot of words with Latin derived romance languages like French and Spanish. The Norman invasion of England in 1066 was a key moment in history which marks the advent of romance languages into England. The Normans took control over England and became its rulers, adding a massive amount of French and Latin vocabulary to the existing form of the language. We call that version of English – Old English. Old English belongs to the Germanic language family which arrived in Britain around 5th century AD by Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. Hence Old English is also termed as Anglo Saxon. The Vikings who invaded England beginning from the 8th century till 11th century contributed more words from the Old Norse into the mix. It becomes quite difficult to ascertain the roots of English since a lot of these words were borrowed.

English-medium schools are ubiquitous, yet, most of us tend to speak in our mother tongue or regional language not only at home but also at educational institutions and industrial settings. This deprives us of practicing the English language and hence the learning is lost as it is not practically applied. Learning English has a lot of advantages. It is not just a skill you can show your proficiency at, but also an advantage during travel to different regions as you might find someone who can speak the language. Even during job interviews, English proficiency is seen as a deal-breaker as communication is very important at work as it makes you desirable to your employers. Having a command over the English language is important and helps us in conducting meetings, attending conferences, communicating over calls and emails. Join English Classes in Chennai to develop your skills in English.

One of the most vital aspects of career development is networking. The birth of social media has provided us with a platform to interact and establish connections all around the world. You can take part in Reddit forums to discuss subjects that interest you, watch or create videos on YouTube or even attend job interviews via Skype. English is almost always used as a mode of communication across these platforms.

English helps bridging gaps in ideologies and improves the efficiency of international communication. Expressing your thoughts in a manner that everyone can understand aids in a successful career and social life. Therefore, it is only natural that there is a demand for English proficiency and Spoken English classes are a good way to meet this demand. Lately, Chennai has seen a surge in the institutes that cater to people interested in improving their vocabulary and communication skills in English. Spoken English Classes are around the corner in every neighborhood due to the growing demand for learning the language. Spoken English classes in Chennai have a well-defined course structure that enables students to gradually hone their English-speaking skills. This course structure has been built with expertise based on a lot of research and proven techniques. The tutors are well-trained experts who have high qualifications from prestigious institutes. They have trained a great number of students who can vouch for their proficiency, methodology, and patience. They make sure that every student receives adequate support and attention. If there are any specific areas that might need attention, the tutors work on them individually. For this, the classes generally take small batch sizes and the trainers can give their complete focus to individuals.

These days, not everyone can stick to rigid timelines as many people are working or they have tedious college work. Therefore, the spoken English classes offer flexible timings and revision of classes that one misses or is unsure of. Also, another way of learning using technology has rapidly developed, and this is online learning. From the very comfort of your home you can attend webinars, view recorded videos, rewind, replay at your own convenience and learn at your own pace. Even though it is an online course, tutors will always solve any queries you have in a fixed window of time.

Bi-lingual approaches are also available but they are not very popular as it encourages the translation of the syntax from the mother-tongue. However, for those who have the extremely poor foundation, this is also a technique that is used. Learning a language is truly a tedious process of course and cannot be mastered till practiced a great deal. For this, there should be several hours allocated to grammatical exercises, vocabulary building, speech practice and essay writing.

The courses are also divided into different tiers of difficulty, based on the particular student’s requirement and comfort level with spoken English. The beginning levels are meant for students who are unaware of the grammatical aspects of the language and generally make a word-by-word translation from their mother tongue. These students will also not be aware of the pronunciation of words and their right usage. Hence, Spoken English in Chennai guides you from beginner levels cover the aspects of sentence formation, right pronunciation, and basic vocabulary.

The intermediate levels are meant for students who have their foundation set, but they are not able to channelize it to effective communication because they do not have enough confidence and practice. These students need to put more attention to practicing scenarios and working out more English exercises. The intermediate levels enable students to gain command over the language which helps them speak English fluently and effortlessly. This is based on more practice exercises, tests, role plays and real-life cases.

The advanced levels are reserved for people who wish to master the language and hone their speaking prowess. These students have a good command over their language but to take it a step up, they are given tougher exercises and they practice more advanced activities like group discussions, debates, mock interviews, etc. There will be a focus on body language, etiquette, personality enhancement and all the nuances of communicating elegantly and being persuasive.

Further, you can enhance your learning to a specific intent of learning. Perhaps it is for your profession, for studies or for a foreign travel. You can tailor your course based on that and can practice modules that are more specific to the genre and get relevant role-plays and scenarios.

As you see improvement in your speaking skills, you progress from beginner to advanced eventually. They teach how to think in English because they believe that if you cannot think in a language, it is highly impossible to master it and you will end up translating all your thoughts which would be quite tedious. With these superior techniques that are used in the training, you will surely emerge a better communicator than before the course.

English Coaching Classes in Chennai primarily help students focus on various aspects like

  • Development in Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Accurate pronunciation of words
  • Speech exercises
  • Focus on grammar and syntax

Besides the benefits of Spoken English in daily communication, it is also religiously learned and practiced for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. These exams are the passport to higher studies and greater expertise which will help you climb the steps of your career ladder easily. The English knowledge required for these exams is more complex than Spoken English. It is more inclined to an analysis of the content with is glazed with fancy language. For practice on this, you need to take more advanced courses that teach you topics like analytical writing, comprehension, sentence completion, etc. You will also have to write a lot of practice tests both module wise and full-length tests. It sure is quite a long process but considering the reward it is worth it!

To help you make the first step towards a future that heavily relies on a common language due to globalization, Spoken English Class in Chennai make sure you are well equipped for it!